Each RV comes

With a complete  set of Bedding Bottom Sheet


       Top Sheet




    Two Pillows


 Two Pillow Cases


We cater to the Music,Entertainment and Movie industry from 2 day to complete series.Here are just a few.


FFirst time trying Oceans 11 RV for rentals. Used to rent from another company, but after a while their customer service started to lacking and no one anwsered the phone  and they weren't able to always accommodate  getting us a RV the same day and next day  . So finally decided to take a look around at some other companies and luckily I found Oceans 11 RV. The staff is so kind and helpful They got us a RV's  that day  and  I was very trilled to be treated great. The rental process was painless and simple and it was back to business. Rented two for a filming production in the desert. Ps,We rentd the ones with pushouts That is the only way to go. Thanks for the full tan We will be back next month. 
Tony P   New York   NY

This company has been a pleasure to deal with! Stewart is always easy to reach, responsive to his clients, and has that caring, personal touch that a local business needs in LA. I am a long-time Westsider and these are the good guys right down the street, even rent for Burning Man
Kathleen W Playa Del Rey Ca

Rented a beautiful RV for the weekend. First time in an RV with the whole family. We had so much fun. The kids weren't restless the entire time because they were able to move about and play their games while we traveled. The amenities were all very useful and clean. I was very happy with the spacious quarters and the functionality of the vehicle itself, I could tell that they are well taken care of and maintained. Quick and easy way to family fun. I'll be back soon.
Eleana F   


In & Out & On my way. Fast and simple rental process. Beach weekend reunion made easy thanks to Oceans 11 RV rental. Clean open space with enough room for multiple adults. Easy to store and prepare food. Couldn't ask for more
David G

Our last journey  was almost a disaster when bad weather, unexpected found us on the side of the road for 2 days. Calling to the office at  Ocean 11 RV Rentals I  left a message and to my surprise the manger  actually called me back and instructed my husband on were to find and how to put chains on the rv. Our first experiance with Oceans 11 RV Rentals I found extremely easy, as an in-law recommended them very highly. From opening there web page was so easy to navigate through,reserving the RV .On the day, of our vacation there driver was prompt in picking us and all our stuff up right at our house, she was so friendly and gave us excellent information on were to visit and what to see. When we arrived in LA everything was just perfect. we our reserving our next rental for next month, and plan to use them again in the future. I have and will continue to recomend them to everyone

Renne M


My family and I decided to go camping and sightseeing throughout various spots around California and the Pacific coast. We thought we were going to have difficulties enjoying the trip in our tightly packed SUV. Fortunately I found Ocean's 11 RV Rental online. Registering was incredibly simple, as the reservations can be done online. When we arrived at the facility, the staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. We ended up renting the 40'' Super Luxury Diesel Bus/coach. The price was more than affordable considering the quality of the vehicle and all the amenities within. The exterior and more importantly, the interior, was very clean and tidy. The luxury coach offered essentially everything necessary in one's home, to make our expedition a seamless transition. Flat screen tv, furniture, and a large shower to name a few, exceeded our expectations. Not to mention the mattress that's somehow more comfortable than the one I own at home. Also an excellent water purification system to quench our thirst at any moments notice. Overall, the coach provided us with a remarkable mode of transportation for an equally special trip. I would highly recommended Ocean;s 11 RV Rental to anyone who needs a superior quality recreational vehicle. Will definitely rent one again for our next road trip!

Dave m NC


On Mon, Mar 2, 2016 at 1:25 PM, Anthony Greco <greco.anthony@gmail.com> wrote:
A truly magical experience. I’m a therapist in LA and know very little about camping. We decided rather last minute to take a trip out to Joshua Tree and the Integraton sound baths in Landers, CA. We wanted to camp but didn’t feel like going thru the hassle of tents, etc. When I checked out RV rental sites what initially attracted me to Oceans 11 RV Rental was there wasn’t the usual 3 day minimum, since we were only going to be out there about one night. From the minute I texted Stewart he felts like a friend or family member. We communicated very easy, the site was easy to navigate and make the reservation. When I met him at the place to pick her up it could not have been easier. He showed me around like — who was it Goldie Locks checking out the different beds — the first one was too small, the second one was too big, and the third was just right. I took her out of there and didn’t look back. My friends were impressed by this almost classic RV. There were no indicators saying she was a rental, yes she, because by the time we hit the highway we had already named her. We’ve traveled so comfortably and decided this was the only way to travel. 

“Betsy” was comfortable and well, well traveled, which we really appreciated. She became her own character in our 36 hour show. Stewart continued to be available when we couldn’t figure out how the awning worked and small things like that, I just texted him from Joshua Tree and he almost instantly replied and walked me through it. We rolled back into LA and grab some burgers at In-and-Out… let me tell you, there’s nothing like eating burgers in an RV sitting next to an In-and-Out. My friends all wanted me to buy her and keep her forever. By the end of the trip we didn’t want to go home, so we just drove up the coast and hung out on PCH with Betsy, not wanting to say goodbye. We are already making plans with Stewart for future trips. 

Note to self: make sure you bring all the dishes, kitchen utensils (sauce pan, spatula, serving spoons, knives, cutting board, etc) and PAPER TOWELS. Cups. Towels. Oh, and enough fire wood. And don’t go cheap on food and stuff, there’s plenty of storage space and you can always take it home with you. You’ll need some extra blankets and pillows, which is great because you get to bring the comforts of home along with you. There’s a shower, so bring towels. And toilet paper. We were first timers, and part of the fun was figuring it out as you go along. Take your time and have fun… and remember, getting there was ALL the fun! :)



Wow!  Great overall experience!


Six of us rented a beautiful newer 40' Monaco for the weekend!  The RV was in great shape, it was clean, the interior was in great condition, drove fantastic and the experience all around was fantastic from start to finish.  When we arrived to pick up the RV the RV was pulled out and ready for us. Issac went over every detail with us to make sure we knew where everything was and that we had everything we needed.

Bill, Susan, Bobby,Martha ,Wayne,Karen

Birmingham Alabama .



We rented the 40 foot Diesel Pusher, the Super Nova Black one for 4 days over New Years and was very impressed not only did I get a $500.000.00 RV for the same price that everyone else in Los Angeles wanted for a regular RV. The RV was clean and the service was great I will be back next year. It was the best vacation we ever had  I recommend them to everyone.   

Dave & Sandy

B.C. Canada


We had a fantastic trip, no issues at all with the RV and when we returned  Isiaish was at the location to meet us within ten minutes of our return.  He took the keys and signed off on the RV without any issues!  It was a pleasant business experience.

Danny C

Fort Wayne


I don’t normally write reviews but these guys are great and went way beyond a rental agency. I rented a RV to go to Burning Man and the first day/night before we left Los Angeles someone in our group left all the lights on and the RV with the ignition on the on position killing the battery. We called the rental company and they came down to where we were parked switched the battery and said have a great time. All in 20 minutes. We will see you next year.

Dave Katz and group    

(PS)We are not newbies any more.


We rented the $100.00 a day RV that sleeps 10 with 9 people and had a great vacation The RV was great  and this company is Great Rent from them.


John C and family    

Huntington Beach California

I will rent from LA RV again. The RV was clean and the price was great. This company is a lot better then  the big ones.


David McCall  Houston Texas

Thank you guys a lot it was a great experience I highly recommend that you rent your next Rv from these people


Sandi Shoester

I rented a 30 foot RV for 3 weeks from this company and was very happy with the company. We are from Stuttgart Germany and  we left our passport in New York no one would rent to us. We came across them from the German consulate  and  was very happy with everything. We will tell all our friends in Germany about your RV  hire company. Thank you very much


Hintz and Olga Brinkman and Family



I will rent from LA  RV again. The RV was clean and the price was great. 
Keeps Bird  Alabama.



I work for CWD (Consumer Watch Dog inc) and highly recommend this company to do business with They did everything they said.

Steven Jay Davidson  






We decieded to rent a RV for the weekend on friday morning to take out friday night. All the big companys said NO NO NO but thease guys said YES YES YES plus went out of there way to make it happen. We had a great time in Big Sir I will call them first next time

Joel and Pat Green   


It is true. You can rent a RV with everything for $100.00 a day and not get charged with alot of hidden fees. We will rent from them again

S and P  Van Nuys Ca,


 A note to your rv rental. This company was really great to deal with. They where kind and very helpful throughout our trip. We did not know any  one in the states so we called them for everything. Myself and my wife with two kids took the motor coach to Arizona and Texas and had the best time of our life’s. We are from Québec Canada and would rent from them again
Peaire and Lucinda


OK You covinced me Small RV rental places are the way to go.Even though I can not drive the RV I had a great time. Stewart drove it to Doc Weeler RV place down the street on the beach and picked it up. Thanks thats services.


Grandma Kay and Mark 9, Cheryl 11, Kevin 13, Tommy 14  


Good company to do buisness with .Very personable and goes the extra distance.See you next year 

Tom & Wendy Fink  



Thank you. It was really a good experience dealing with you and we will return next year and call you.

Hanz and Ulga  West Berlin   


The roads in California suck But the RV and trip was fun Will do this again and call you guys And thanks for the recamendation in Palm Springs  

Lew and Family      B.C   


I rented a RV from this company and has a very good experance and a great price.This company is a true asset to the RV renting world I say rent from this company.

Paul Cohen     Great Falls

 ______________________________________I work to the CWD (Consumer Watch Dog inc) I highly recomend this company to rent a

Motor home from.

Steve paul Locker 



Thank you for making it affordable .Will rent a RV from you again

 Dave Hutchison

We looked everywhere for a motor home that sleeps more then 6 and found you on Craiglist.We where skeptical at first because you said yours sleeps 10 and very happy with the outcome. The motor home was great and we will be back 

Hal Cohen


Had a BLAST and the RV ran great .Will defenetly use thease guys again  



My story is the same as the person below Everyone wanted more money and I had a great experience with this rental company. I will use them again.

Cheryl D


I called five other RV rental company's and I was told the RV rental would be over $1000.00 for the three days. When I call these guys they told me my bill would be $326.00 Total. So I rented from them and my bill was exactly what they said. I have rented from them three times already.You can trust them.


D Mecanna 





Mark C     


All we can say is Thank you very much. You know you are dealing with a good or bad conpany when something goes wrong. Well Stewart and Carlos took care of us and did a great job.

Dan R.   New mexico.  


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